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2019 CITN Partnership Registration on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Have a custom lanyard pin made displaying your brand to distribute to attendees at the event. This add-on was extremely popular among attendees last year as they worked to trade and collect all lanyard pins at the event.
Add an item to the CITN Attendee Swag Bag. $500 for each item to be placed in the swag bag. (All Item(s) must be approved by CITN & supplied by partner no later than 9/15/2018)
Help Attendees remember their CITN Experience by offering a branded photo booth at the Tuesday evening meal. $200 plus the cost of the photo booth.
Pamper and rejuvenate conference attendees with the gift of a complimentary massage, manicure, smoothie bar or other special activity. Add-on is $250 + the cost of the services offered.
Customize the WiFi SSID for the conference… You’re Favorite Color, You’re Company Name, You’re Favorite Flavor IceCream… you pick the SSID.
Be recognized as the Dinner sponsor for one of the evening meals at the conference. Includes having a info sheet for your organization at each place setting and having a CITN staffer interview your representative on stage. (Limit 2)
Provide our attendees a way to remember your organization by keeping their notes right next to your brand. This add-on allows your company to co-brand the conference notebook that is given to each attendee.
*Company/Organization Name:
*Point of Contact Name:
*Point of Contact Cell Phone Number:
*Point of Contact Email Address:
*Is Point of Contact Attending the Event?:
*Attendee 1 Shirt Size:
*Attendee 2 Name, Email Address, Shirt Size:
Attendee 3 Name, Email Address, Shirt Size:
Attendee 4 Name, Email Address, Shirt Size:
*Is This Your Organization's First Church IT Network National Conference?:
Sponsor Notes:
Please Note: AMEX is not a supported payment at this time. Please email Partner@ChurchITNetwork.com to arrange other payment options.: