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2019 CITN Partnership Registration on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Have a custom lanyard pin made displaying your brand to distribute to attendees at the event. This add-on was extremely popular among attendees last year as they worked to trade and collect all lanyard pins at the event.
Add an item to the CITN Attendee Swag Bag. $500 for each item to be placed in the swag bag. (All Item(s) must be approved by CITN & supplied by partner no later than 9/15/2018)
Help Attendees remember their CITN Experience by offering a branded photo booth at the Tuesday evening meal. $200 plus the cost of the photo booth.
Pamper and rejuvenate conference attendees with the gift of a complimentary massage, manicure, smoothie bar or other special activity. Add-on is $250 + the cost of the services offered.
Provide our attendees a way to remember your organization by keeping their notes right next to your brand. This add-on allows your company to co-brand the conference notebook that is given to each attendee.
*Company/Organization Name:
*Point of Contact Name:
*Point of Contact Cell Phone Number:
*Point of Contact Email Address:
*Is Point of Contact Attending the Event?:
*Attendee 1 Shirt Size:
*Attendee 2 Name, Email Address, Shirt Size:
Attendee 3 Name, Email Address, Shirt Size:
Attendee 4 Name, Email Address, Shirt Size:
*Is This Your Organization's First Church IT Network National Conference?:
Sponsor Notes:
Please Note: AMEX is not a supported payment at this time. Please email Partner@ChurchITNetwork.com to arrange other payment options.: